About us
Welcome to The Carvery your friendly one-stop shop for all your vinyl and digital mastering needs. The Carvery is based in the heart of Hackney in East London. Our studio centres around a vintage Neumann VMS 70 which was originally installed in the CBS studios in Nashville, Tennessee where a large quantity of the Motown hits of the late 60s and 70s were cut, a true slice of musical history.

It is often thought that a mastered track is just a louder version of a mix, but in reality it is much more. A good master should have good volume, balance, tone and impact whilst still retaining good dynamics and depth. For all our masters we use a combination of vintage analogue signal processing and the finest digital hardware and software. Over the last six years we have been busy mastering and cutting records for some of the finest independent artists in the UK and beyond.

Our dubplates are made from either a tough PVC compound or classic acetate lacquers. Both enable us to produce dubs designed so that producers and DJs can get short runs or one-off copies of their work. We cut a variety of weights and plates sizes to fit our customers’ needs. Over a period of nearly a decade we have cut many thousands of records in a variety of music styles; from dubstep & jungle, reggae and soul to opera and the spoken word. We will always cut our records as loud as is physically and sonically possible and offer an automatic re-cut for anyone not 100% satisfied with the results

As fellow musicians, DJs and record labels owners, we run our business from the heart, with the aim of giving our clients the best in both price and quality. The vinyl pressing plant we use for our manufacturing is in our opinion the best in Europe with the most stringent quality control.