At The Carvery we offer a full range of mastering service to meet all your Vinyl, CD and Digital needs.

Mastering Services

  • Mastering for Vinyl (Analogue or Digital)
  • Digital Mastering for CD or Download
  • Analogue processed mastering for CD or Download
  • Audio Restoration/No-noise work from vinyl, acetate or 1/4″ tape
  • CD DDP authoring and secure upload to server
  • Redbook Masters (CD)

Lacquer Cutting Services
All our masters are cut at The Carvery on our original Motown Neumann VMS70 mastering lathe.

  • 10″/12″ Master Lacquer cutting
  • 7″ Master Lacquer cutting
  • Tape to Disk Mastering for fully analogue cuts
  • Reference Acetate Master
  • Direct to Disk Live recording service coming soon…

Our Engineer
Our Engineer Frank Merritt has over the last eight years cut over 10,000 records for some of the biggest and best artists in the music business.

Frank also co-runs the highly regarded Sofrito Record label and Sound system so has first hand experience of how to get your music optimised for release, whether it be for vinyl or digital.

Please see our client page for some of our recent projects.


Equipment list

Neumann VMS70 Vinyl Mastering Lathe (ex Motown/Epic/SONY) with Lyrec Motor
Neumann SX74 Cutterhead
Neumann VG74B Cutting Amplifiers
Custom SW Davies RDL transfer console
Custom 70′s BBC Mastering Desk
EMT 445 Digital Delay
Studer B62 (ex BBC) 1/4″ Master Tape Player/Recorded
Lynx Aurora 8 Mastering D/A A/D Converter
Garrard 401 transcription turntable with SME 3009 arm
Shure V15mk3 cartridge
Tube Box 2 Phono Preamp
Okki Nokki vacuum record cleaner

Dynamics & EQ
Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor
Waves L2 Hardware Limiter
TFpro P38ex Mastering Compressor
Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor
SPL M/S Master
Drawmer MX-50 De-esser
Tube-Tech (Pultec) PE1c (Modified) x 2
Krohn-Hite Telefunken Tube Band-Pass Filters (Modified) x2
Custom 70’s vintage mastering console Including;
Neumann W495 EQ x 2
Neumann W492 EQ x 2
Filtek Mk3 Mastering EQ x 2
EMT 258 Analogue Noise reduction
Orban Parasound 674A Mastering EQ

Klark Teknik DN6000 Analyser
Dorrough 40-A Loudness Meters
NTP 177-400 – Peak Meter
NTP 277-500 Spectrogram and Phase Meter
Custom S.W. Davies Full Range monitors using Tannoy, JBL Pro & Supertweeters
Tannoy DMT System 15II Full range monitors
Tannoy Gold Monitors
Auratone Soundcube
Custom Quadrack QR4 Quad 401 amps
Bryston 3b Mono blocks