At The Carvery we offer a full range of mastering service to meet all your Vinyl, CD and Digital needs.

For prices and availability, please contact us on 0208 5339532 or email -

Mastering Services

  • Mastering for Vinyl (Analogue or Digital)
  • Audio Restoration/No-noise work from vinyl, acetate or 1/4″ tape
  • Analogue processed mastering for CD or Download
  • Digital Mastering for CD or Download
  • CD DDP authoring and secure upload to server

Lacquer Cutting Services
All our masters are cut at The Carvery on our original Motown Neumann VMS70 mastering lathe in our new studio in Leyton.

  • 10″/12″ Master Lacquer cutting
  • 7″ Master Lacquer cutting
  • Tape to Disk Mastering for fully analogue cuts
  • Reference Acetate Master
  • Direct to Disk Live recording service coming soon…

Our Engineer
Our Engineer Frank Merritt has over the last fifteen years cut over 10,000 records for a wide variety of artists.

Frank also co-runs the highly regarded Sofrito Record label and Sound system so has first hand experience of how to get your music optimised for release, whether it be for vinyl or digital.

Please see our client page for some of our recent projects.